Bobby Altom – Arkansas

 “I can state unequivocally that the SwingRite has unparalleled service after the sale.  I bought the SwingRite from TGW (The Golf Warehouse); but when I couldn’t get it to work properly, I decided to contact SwingRite via email rather than TGW.  I received a reply from Kate Whitney, SwingRite’s President, that same day.  She made a couple of suggestions.  And she asked me to contact her again if those did not work.  The recommendations did not work, and within 2 days, replacement  parts arrived with suggestions for modifying the SwingRite.  Kate sent me her phone number and asked me to call her if I still had problems.  At that point, I realized it was “operator error” (me) and the SwingRite, in its original condition without modification, worked perfectly.  It’s clear to me that customer satisfaction is at the top of SwingRite’s corporate values.” 

Pat Lea – Texas

 “I am 65 years old and have been playing golf for over 35 years. I have taken scores of lessons and watched almost as many videos of my swing. For as long as I’ve been playing, I have struggled with “throwing” the golf club from the top of my swing. I know the position I’m supposed to be in at impact, but I’ve never been able to achieve it. I’ve tried all kinds of swing aids which claim to solve my problem, but I’ve had no luck with any of them. The SwingRite is the first and only swing aid that has helped me learn to release the club at the proper time. Since I received it two weeks ago, I have used it at home and at the range, and my ball striking has improved immensely. I have also increased my distance with every club. The difference is simply amazing.”  

Ron – United States

 “I have been playing golf for 40+ years (on and off for a while). While never receiving any professional training, I played somewhat decent for an amateur (85-90). But, throughout all the years I have been playing, my worst fault is not being able to shift the weight to the frontside. I would make good contact but only due to manipulation of the hands at impact. So, after many trying different methods and other training devices, I still could not effectively get to the frontside. Then I happened to stumble upon the SwingRite (watching Brian Sparks video on Positive Impact Golf). I thought it was worth giving the SwingRite a try after reading so many positive reviews and even people who had the same weight shift problem. Well I have only been using it for about 2 weeks and now have actually been able to finish my swing and end up on my frontside. Sometimes I have to remind myself to do it but I just think about where the click should occur. This device has finally given me the confidence to have a consistent swing and play better.” 

Geoff Bryant, President - United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF)

"In my opinion, every golf teaching professional should be utilizing the SwingRite training aid. Not only does it help students to understand the proper release in the golf swing but it's also fun to use."

Glyn Douglas – United Kingdom

“The reason for my email is to thank you on my ‘INVESTMENT’ with the Original SwingRite, I purchased it after a conversation I had with Julian Mellor, who my Father and I used to play in the Derbyshire AM-AM with many years ago.

I am 38 and my current Handicap is 18 (which it has been for 5 years now) and as Julian would say the biggest problem with my game is consistency and far too many swing thoughts that clutter up what in simple forms is not a bad swing. Therefore I have always tried to get better by practice and watching videos on line. To which I would clutter my mind up even more and when i got on the course could not swing the club never mind shoot a good score.

Then came your parcel in the post……no gimmicks……no false promises……It did what it said on the tin!

I have had the Original SwingRite for only a few weeks but the consistency of my game is clear to see and the people who i regularly play with cannot believe the transformation. Not only am I not thinking about the swing (Just imagine the click in the right place) I am hitting it further and straighter than I ever have!

Last Friday I was at a Charity Golf Day and I won the longest drive and the doubles!!!………..I only wish I had an Original SwingRite 20 years ago.

Once again thank you and have a good day.”

Ted Sheftic – Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher- New Oxford, PA

“Kate, just thought I would like to let you know about the success that I have had using your SwingRite training aid. I have used the SwingRite now for eight years, the students that have purchased SwingRite from me and have used it correctly have improved several areas of there swing, the most important improvement was the speed that they developed in hitting through the ball instead of hitting at it. I have one student Don Alwalt who purchased it from me and went from not being able to not be able to click it at 8 to a 1 today, he now hits the ball over 270 yards. My son Mark who is the lead instructor at Merion Golf Club enjoys teaching with Swing Rite. With repetitive SwingRite practice students will improve IMPACT, CLUBHEAD LAG, and develop so much more speed hitting through the ball. One other note: Swing Rite is designed to practice indoors, this can now be used with there exercise program. I endorse your SwingRite to anybody that wants to improve there swing. Thank you.”

Brian Sparks-Founder/Head Coach Positive Impact Golf

“Any other methods or non-technical tricks that you can employ to get you back to normal are valid and should never be discounted. By far the best training aid is called the SwingRite Original. It is a sort of swing simulator that looks like a shortened club without a head and it clicks as you swing it through the air despite the fact that there is no ball. The click sounds and feels like hitting a shot. What it does so effectively is to tell you how to swing a golf club without having to think about anything other than swinging. Golfers consistently swing it with better rhythm and motion than when they are hitting real shots. It’s as if all the interferences disappear. There is no ball, no target and no result to take your attention away from the simple art of swinging the club. The more you practice with it the more you are encouraged to use the same improved swing when hitting shots. You would be advised to get one and use it regularly. Practice makes permanent so why not practice using your best swing until it becomes a habit rather than hitting balls with the same old swing faults? It was designed by Mindy Blake, a member at Wentworth, nearly fifty years ago and has truly passed the test of time.”

Sean "The Beast" Fister - 3x World Long Drive Champion


"I have come to depend on the SwingRite to warm up before I practice and it definitely reduces the early mis-hits from warming up from the start with a driver." 

Michael Breed- PGA teaching pro, host of "The Golf Fix" and Golf Digest's Top 100 Golf teachers in


"I enjoy using the SwingRite when I teach because it allows me to teach people to release the energy at the right spot in golf swing.  It allows me to hold the angle in the wrists and gets people to practice the right stuff without me (or whomever their teacher might be) having to be there."  

Korre Madden - PGA Professional, Pine Creek Golf Center, PA

   "I purchased the SwingRite at the PGA Merchandise show this year.  My students absolutely love it!  It is a great training aid, and I would recommend it to players of all levels of the game.  One of its best qualities is that it helps you find the correct release of energy through the impact zone."

Mark A. Mathews USGTF Level III Teaching Pro. Head Pro Steamboat Island Driving Range, Olympia, WA.

 "Never in my wildest dreams could I have achieved such spectacular results after just a few short sessions with the SwingRite trainer!  I first used the SwingRite trainer between rounds at the World Golf Teachers Cup in '07.  After steering the ball around the golf course in round #1, round #2 had quite the opposite outcome; my timing and release of the club seemed to be ingrained into my muscle memory!  I hit 14 of 18 greens in regulation & averaged an astounding 295 yards in the fairway off the tee!  Do you have one for my putter? After fulfilling my wildest swing dreams and now being a true believer in this product - I have now incorporated the SwingRite into all of my clinics and most of my private sessions.  My students benefit immensely from the feel achieved, and the muscle memory attained from this product!  Thank you SwingRite!"  

Bill Bath- USGTF Master Teaching Professional- Ontario, Canada

"I have used the SwingRite for 10+ years. I can't say that about any other training device. It has such a simple purpose to allow you to feel a proper release with the proper tempo. It grooves a golf swing to be fundamentally sound anywhere anytime without needing golf balls. The adjustable setting allows you to share it with your friends and family so everyone can benefit. If you are serious about getting better, get a SwingRite!"