Please make sure you never swing in the direction of any people, pets, windows, televisions, glass doors, etc.   

The Guarantee


  SwingRite guarantees full satisfaction with our products or your money (less the cost of shipping) back in 90 days.*

Consistent practice with the Original SwingRite (used according to our product instructions) will increase your distance and accuracy. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, please contact us.

Our Warranty:

1 Year Warranty on Parts:

 We will fix or replace single parts or the whole unit depending on the problem. This does NOT cover damage caused by human error. Customer pays for shipping to us and we will pay for shipping back to the customer.  

Over 1 year Warranty:

Customer is responsible for shipping costs both ways. We will give customer a quote for how much it would be to replace parts or fix unit.

Lifetime Warranty (available at time of purchase only):

Customer sends back unit and we fix it or replace it for free. This only covers normal wear and tear, does NOT cover misuse. Customer is responsible for shipping both ways.

Quality: The Original SwingRite is owned by a small-family-run company in Massachusetts. Each SwingRite is tested by us before it ships out. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or comments. We want to hear from our customers.