SwingRite is a family owned and operated company from just outside Boston, Massachusetts. The company was purchased from the previous owner in 1996 by Charles Whitney. In 2007, Charles’ daughter, Kate, joined the team and now heads the company as President.

Our Mission:

SwingRite’s mission is to help golfers of all levels improve their swing, lower their handicap, and increase their enjoyment of the wonderful game of golf. Our training aids are designed on a premise that the pros know well: Maximum power and distance are achieved when the clubhead is released with proper timing–at the “bottom” of the swing.

SwingRite products measure a golfers’ power and let them adjust the timing of their clubhead release–to guarantee a perfect swing.


A SwingRite training program echoes another credo the pros know well: Practice makes perfect. We believe that consistent practice with SwingRite training aids will ensure that a golfer of any level, any age, male or female, will increase their distance and accuracy and be happier with their game. We stand behind our products, unconditionally.


SwingRite Gives Back!

 We at SwingRite strive to not only make better golfers, but also to give back. We have donated SwingRites to multiple organizations such as school fundraisers, golf instruction for wounded veterans, and silent auction items for charity tournaments. We also proudly support our Veterans, animal rescue and local animal shelters. 

Our Partners